Thousands of  foster children age out of the "system" annually.  Many lack the basic support systems we take for granted.  Many of them are homeless, go to bed hungry, and are forced to sleep in unsafe locations fearing for their lives.

We have a big mission:  to provide safe temporary housing, hot meals, guidance and connections to education and work placement.  The long term objective is to continue our support with affordable transitional housing. Through many programs transitional housing has been shown to increase an individual's employment success rate, reduce homelessness, and reduce involvement with criminal activity, as well as decrease the number of future foster care cases.

Meet Our Founder & Volunteers

Chris W.



Joined: 2017

Chris is a husband and father who holds an Associate of Arts degree in IT Networking. Along with Chris' Associates Degree he holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Security & Management and a Masters of Science Criminal Justice Administration degree. Chris has seen how having the support necessary for the young adults in his community can change the lives of those aging out of the foster care system.   


What We’re Doing

Sarah W.


IT Manager

Joined: 2017

Sarah is a wife and mother pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Game Art and Design. Sarah's education and life experiences are what give her the drive to help the Network for Youth organization. 


Donna Sigler



Donna is an experienced foster parent, Who has dedicated her life to helping the foster children in her area. Not only has Donna been a foster parent, she has adopted children who were in the foster care system. Donna is also a  Navy Veteran and Substitute teacher, With a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and her history working with foster children in the schools and in her own home Donna has gained more than enough experience to aid the young adults in her community to are aging out of the foster care system.