Structured Education

  • We want to provide information on many different kinds of educational opportunities:
    • ​​HSED/GED
    • Technical Schools
    • ​Universities and Institutes
  • It can be overwhelming to find post-high school educational opportunities. We aim to help individuals seeking this opportunity by providing information about these items, showing them how to apply, and explaining how financial aid works. 

Real-World Classes

  • In order to function in today's world, our youth can truly benefit from learning many different kinds of skills:
    • ​Cooking/baking
    • Changing oil and tires
    • Filing taxes
    • Sewing
    • ​Financial responsibility
    • ​Art classes
  • Many young adults do not have the support to learn these kinds of skills! We will be providing classes like these, and the list may grow as we connect with more community members with different kinds of skills and talents.